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Are you ready to create a future free from the limitations of your past? 

"What I have learned with Philippe has been one of the greatest gifts of my life.

It has set me free from many limitations. It has helped me create my life from survival mode to inspiration and joy."

Marcelo Ruiz, Spain



The judgments that run in our mind, can cloud the magnificence of who we are. 
When I am being limited, I feel contracted, stuck, and frustrated.

I am living in the prison of my self-judgments and I feel disempowered.


To me, those judgments look like this:

I am being distracted and get caught up by my distracting thinking
I am being judgy towards myself and towards others
I am being insecure that I am not enough
I am being afraid of other people’s opinions and judgments
I am being unkind to myself and to those I love
I am being insecure and second-guessing myself
I am being I can’t be bothered
I am being I am not powerful
I am being that I am a fraud
I am being that I can’t relax until I have achieved this or that
I am being I don’t like myself
I am being I don’t like my belly
I am being I am addicted to coffee
I am being guilty of not doing and achieving more
I am being sad that I don’t have friends close to me
I am being lonely and feeling sorry for myself
I am being afraid to show my light 
I am being that I am bothering people
I am being that I am needy of people’s love and attention
I am being that I am too much, too radically honest and too direct
I am being that I am small and insignificant
I am being that I am not focussed
I am being that I do not have the power to create what I want in the world
I am being hurt that my parents do not see me and do not hear me
I am being in pain for feeling stuck and stagnant
I am being hard on myself for being too soft on myself
I am being that I eat too quickly and too much
I am being that I don’t like to exercise
I am being that I am not good at finishing what I start
I am being that I don’t want to do the heavy lifting in my business
I am being that I am unlovable
I am being that I am out of integrity and that no one really has integrity
I am being unproductive and wasting my time
I am being frustrated that I keep hitting on walls and want to give up
I am being that the world does not need or want what I have to offer
I am being that I am not courageous enough to make it in the world
I am being someone who blames others and circumstances for the things I don’t have in my life. 

I am being that I am unworthy of love

Are you creating your future from the limitations of your past, or from the unlimited potential that you really are?

You are unlimited universal potential.

You are love.

And that is mind and heart-blowing!

Are you ready to free yourself from your biggest limitations? 

There is an elephant in the room and you don't see it. This room is in your mind and it dominates all of your daily decisions. My coaching is about you seeing that elephant, seeing how it is no longer serving you, and freeing it from your mind and from your being. 

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it, and embrace them." 


Love isn’t something we need to seek, it’s our true nature. It’s who we really are.


When we are not being love, it’s because we’ve built something to block it. We are born unlimited and free before we build barriers to protect and armor ourselves when we go out into the world. The consequence of this protection is that we feel alone, trapped in a prison of our own making.  


The barriers that protect us also imprison us.

Finding, embracing, and lovingly dissolving these barriers isn’t always easy; it’s a process that takes time and work. The payoff is the greatest gift I have ever received, and the greatest gift I have to offer. 

I help you unlock the prison of your mind and create your most magnificent being. I do this not because I am special, but because I am ordinary. I have discovered how to shift my being in a way that is not ordinary and have lived and am living an extraordinary life. Most importantly, I want you to know that you can do so much more with your life than you ever thought possible. 

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