"Philippe is not a world-class coach, he is a universe class coach. When you co-create with him, you co-create from the universe"



Stephen Sanaito

Extraordinary Coaching & Leadership


I am a Swiss-born third-culture kid and a coach, speaker international retreat facilitator, and former radio talk show host. I live in Zurich, Switzerland with my amazing wife Cristina.

I am the person who spontaneously invites my neighbors over for a karaoke party on a weeknight and then shamelessly sings off-key with the wrong lyrics because I am in the joy of the moment. I am the person that says "I love you" to my accountant even though I risk coming across as being weird.  I am the person that will cry of joy watching someone sing their heart out on America's got talent. I am a person who loves food and am so passionate about cooking that I describe it as my love language.


I am the person who loves being in a deep and intimate conversation with someone where I get to see the beauty and magnificence of who they truly are. 

This is a story about me, and I invite you to read it about YOU.

I grew up in a society where happiness was a metric of achievement. The culture I was exposed to defined success by how much money you made, what kind of job you do, what status you have.


At the same time, I grew up in a family where my grandmother was very mystical. Playing games with her as a child included looking into her big crystal ball pretending to predict the future. I became fascinated by the mystery of life. My mum trained and worked with alternative healing modalities. My uncle was a shamanic healer who lived with a deep connection with the spiritual world and exposed me to worlds beyond the physical form. 

I was fascinated by this mystical world and as a child, I wanted to learn all about the sixth sense and how to access it. At the age of 15, I had a deck of angels cards from my grandma and gave private readings to my friends. Although I enjoyed sharing my intuitive gifts,

I judged myself from an early age as being very different from everyone else.


I was afraid to get bullied at school and all I wanted to do was fit in. This was challenging as I grew up as a third culture kid in Singapore and then moved to Paris at the age of 13. Feeling like the black sheep everywhere I went became the norm. All I wanted was to be liked and accepted and to be that, I thought I had to be like everyone else.


I ignored my natural intuitive gifts and I did what mainstream society expected of me to do.


I decided to be a hotelier. I studied a lot of subjects, most of which I wasn't naturally good at and with a lot of hard work and determination I graduated from one of the best Hotel Schools (EHL) in Switzerland and started my international career working for some of the biggest names in the world of luxury hotels for 4 years before achieving the dream of opening my own restaurant with my Portuguese girlfriend in Lisbon, Portugal.


At the age of 28, I had achieved all the metrics of success and happiness I had been striving for. I had a beautiful girlfriend, a renowned gourmet restaurant, a beautiful home with a gorgeous view over the Tejo river, and a wonderful group of friends. I was living the dream and making the most of my natural talents for service excellence and my passion for food and hospitality. 


Finally, I had achieved all the metrics to be happy and successful. 

Except, I wasn't.


No matter how successful I looked on the outside, on the inside I felt stressed out most of the time. I thought it was normal to feel that way as everyone I saw seemed to be stressed too. I used alcohol as a way to cope with the pain and always put on a smile, even when I didn't feel like it. I had learned that the restaurant is a stage and I had become the perfect people-pleasing host. 


I kept on hearing my body tell me "slow down" and rest. Yet, I always seem to have so much more to do and never enough time.


I bullied myself for not being able to do more. On my time off work, I never actually let myself rest inside. I bullied myself for wanting to rest at all. The universe has a way of giving you what you need when you need it. To me, that came in the form of ending up in hospital after having a seizure in my restaurant.


I knew I had to completely change my life, but I had no idea how or what do to.


With a mixed feeling of relief, shame and guilt, I felt like a failure. I closed my restaurant and ended the nine-year relationship with my girlfriend. And by doing so, I let go of the two things I was most afraid to lose. I learned I could never be happy by pushing myself to do something that wasn't actually in alignment with my purpose and being with someone who wasn't the right fit for me. A painful lesson.


And so I was lost for about a whole year. In being lost, I found myself again. I fell into the deepest state of peace, relief, and love. Finally, I slowed down. My mind was no longer pushing me into doing more.

After years of soul searching, self-exploration, coaching,  spiritual growth, and many more personal and business failures, including a heartbreaking divorce,


I kept looking deeper within myself to discover and rediscover new metrics of success and happiness. 

I stopped bullying myself. I started being radically forgiving, compassionate and loving with myself and others. I moved to live in Barcelona and discovered a new way of being. I found a business partner and co-created a transformational retreat business and delivered over 20 retreats together in 2 years and it took us to places as far as Nepal. Clients kept coming, New friends kept coming into my life. I met my beautiful wife Cristina and had the most amazing wedding in Guatelama. But most importantly, I was creating all this from a place of peace. My state of being was one of love and clarity. And I understood that:

There is nothing you need to do as much as you need to be. 

Eventually, ​my business partner and I decided to go separate ways and I left Barcelona and moved to Switzerland. Today, I live in Zurich with my amazing wife Cristina. I am a stand for love and freedom. I am a stand for you being free from the prison of your limited mind. I am a stand for you to be an unlimited creator.