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I invite you to read these stories as

a possibilities for YOU

“Philippe showed me something which cannot be learnt through reading books. It has to be facilitated through conversation tailored to your world - as it is an experience - which once you get, you will never see the troubles of life in the same way again.


It is nigh on impossible to explain as it is not an intellectual thing to learn. But all I can say is that those 2 days with Philippe have transformed my life, my relationships, my work and attitude to life as a whole. I'm at peace, I'm not beating myself up about lack of achievement and my challenging life circumstances just don't bother me in the same way as before. I'm completely Zen. And from that calm mind and stillness comes incredible insights on which I take action to create a successful effortless future. Knowing I can tap into that wisdom at any point now, is priceless.


I implore you to experience what Philippe Bartu can show you. ”

Dominic Beecheno

Business Strategy Thought Leader

London, United Kingdom

“He came in like the wind as in a cool summer's night.  His deep brown eyes and quiet countenance caught me cold to my core.  And when he spoke, the pure vibrational resonance was like the cool sounding waters of a small creek, meandering through the meadows of an expansive landscape.

He penetrated my being.  His words spoke of many things but, mostly, of the nature of my creation.  His depth of feeling into was uncanny.  I felt held and I felt heard.  More intensely, I felt my soul exposed as if the mere conversation opened a space in my beingness to accept his words.

A beautiful soul.  A miracle worker of sorts, when across the world with another.

Who am I but a conglomerate of conditioning?  

He pierced that membrane today.

With eyes gently closed, he saw beyond to what keeps me from being the unlimited Self that I am.  He pierced the veil; he touched the universe in me.

Perhaps, it’s all in divorcing myself from the all-consuming complications of this earth school I visit.  

I am Love. 

Martha Jeffers

Coach, Master in Spiritual Psychology

Los Angeles, California

“When I came to Switzerland to be with Philippe I was having a really hard time to access the quiet mind. 3 weeks previous my boyfriend had broken it off with me and it was totally unexpected. For the first two weeks I was attempting to make sense of it all - very confused and hurt. I was in so much anxiety that I wasn’t sleeping and couldn’t be with the pain I was in. I knew that I wanted all of this to change which is why I courageously took the step.

When I arrived I felt really heavy and was experiencing a lot of circular thinking. We both realised that I needed to express something to my ex and in doing so I started my journey to freedom.

The time I spent with Philippe was very nourishing on many levels - both the food, the exquisite surroundings and with Philippe’s loving guidance and honesty I was able to process and experience my true self again. 

I had many insights about the relationship, and my own misguided thinking. The one that stands out still is that “suffering is not mandatory.”

As I am writing this testimonial I am realising that it’s a month ago since all of this happened and I am going home as a quieter and lighter version of who I am. The circular thinking has stopped, the anxiety has also gone and I am back in my knowing. If you have a lot on your mind and you want to experience peace, love and gratitude then being held in this incredible Swiss container with Philippe is the answer.”

Marina Pearson

Coach, Best-selling author, Podcaster 

Javea, Spain

I found Philippe in a moment when I was in a life crisis, and felt tremendous anguish where I felt completely powerless. My two main characteristics are impatience and the need to control my outer world. Neither of them served me: the situation was out of my control. His voice acted as a calming guide, like a hand in the middle of the storm. The storm didn't go away, it was there beating furiously, but I had a place to hold on to, someone to turn to… I wasn't alone.


What I liked the most is that he never said what I expected to hear, he always surprised me and in the unexpected, is where I found a light, a flash that took me little by little out of my dark well. When we spoke I found myself unconsciously closing my eyes and feeling a shift in my being by his voice that “grounded me”, bringing me back home. His voice of softness and certainty where his strength lies: soft on the outside and hard on the inside. I have never seen anyone give me such sweet slaps in the face. ;-).


He has the humility to show me his most vulnerable parts... he showed me that he too is human, like me.

I found a door that opened to my innermost being, my soul, and the trust to make decisions from there. Something in me simply started deciding without my head even realizing it.

I sincerely believe that Philippe prevented me from getting sick because if the pain and helplessness had settled in me, my own body would have destroyed me.


Now here I am, navigating new situations that life presents me with, but from an empowered state of being. It was a hell of a journey, but so worthwhile. I am no more "running like a headless chicken", hahaha.
I love you so much Philippe. I hope you continue to help others and that from time to time you appear in my life…. God bless you."

Laura Baigorri

Lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts

University of Barcelona, Spain

The amazing trusting, transparent, caring and supportive environment that Philippe created for me made it possible for me to open doors that I always thought can never be touched. I realized how strong, beautiful and successful I already am. The moments of challenges were great experiences that are my inspirations while I am writing these words.

Rasha Abu Safieh

Co-Founder GGateway ICT Social Enterprise

Gaza, Palestine

I first met Philippe when I was travelling in India, we had some beautiful and connected conversations that just resonated with me. I decided to change my travel plans and attend one of his retreats in Nepal. It was one of the best decisions I've made.


It was confronting, at times confusing and very emotional but it lead me to have some amazing realisations and understandings that have made such a difference in my life. 


It has helped me be more in the present and notice the simple things that give me joy. I Notice my thoughts so they don’t become all consuming, but also knowing that they don’t define me is so freeing. My mood is much more consistent which is peaceful, whereas before my emotions would fluctuate from highs and lows regularly it was quite a rollercoaster. 


Philippe is so kind, gentle and authentic but also so much fun. I can’t praise and thank him enough for his guidance.

Lauren O'Donohue

Healer, Yoga Teacher

Ibiza, Spain

Philippe has a powerful intuition and a gentle way of challenging that pushed me to expand my own sense of self and what's possible. He took me on a journey that focused far less on what I want to achieve and far more on who I am. Our time together has already had an enormous impact in my life, and I'm confident it will continue to do so for the months and years to come. 

I recommend Philippe wholeheartedly and am just waiting for another opportunity to work with him.

Erin Claire Jones

Human Design Guide

New York, USA

What I have learned with Philippe has been one of the greatest gifts of my life.

It has set me free from many limitations. I had (guilt for example), it has helped me see life in a much more positive way and move from survival mode to inspiration and joy. I  have learned when to and when not to make decisions. I have learned that I am resilient by nature and that nothing outside of me can hurt me. 


It is something you have to experience for yourself and Philippe has the ability to point you there with ease and grace. 


I´ve seen it in me and in many other people that have worked with him. I encourage you to try. Your life will get better and the lives of everyone around you will get better too. 

Marcelo Ruiz


Madrid, Spain

Philippe has helped me see things in ways that will have an impact on me for the rest of my life.

He didn’t just help me see the beauty of life, but he also guided me in discovering the beauty of my own being.

He didn't just help me see my barriers to success and happiness; he also taught me how to use my power to break free and discover my limitless self.


He didn’t just help me see who I was; he also helped me acknowledge who I was not, so that I could share my authentic self with the world. 

My coaching journey was both life-changing and rewarding. I am forever grateful to Philippe for being the light, love, and wisdom that he is.

Kristin Rose Gustilo

Training & Development Manager 



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