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The unlimited immersion is a 3.5-day intensive coaching program for an intimate group of 12 committed creators. You want to deepen your understanding of how to create and embody your greatest potential: Your unlimited self. 

Both upcoming immersions are located in the heart of two of my favorite European cities.



Tue 14-17th June 2022

Our intentionally built immersion experience invites you to discover your unlimited being from the beautiful historical heart of the city.

Venue: Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam


Thurs 30th June  - Sun July 3rd

Our event takes place in "Torre Urquinoana", one of Barcelona's tallest buildings in the heart of the vibrant city. With its 360º panoramic views and floor-to-ceiling windows, it's no coincidence this space has been named Unlimited Barcelona.

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On day one, we'll be asking you for a "wish list" of changes you'd like to make and things you'd like to create as a result of our time together.

We'll then put the list to one side for a while as you learn to find, rest in, and operate from a deeper space inside yourself. When we look at things from a quieter, more settled down place within us, the intelligence behind life helps us create.


You will​ experience the dissolving of the biggest limitations that are holding you back and become unleashed. You will discover how to achieve and create what you are really inspired to be and do in the world. 

By the end of the three days, you'll have a fresh take on your list, your life, and yourself.


Our clients have gone back home and experienced breakthrough ideas and unshakable focus and confidence at work, highly improved relationships, and the feeling of living with a deeper sense of purpose, inner peace and freedom. 


With this revived feeling of being refreshed, recharged, reset, you are ready to take on the world. And because of the transformative nature of this work, the impact of these three days will continue to unfold over the weeks, months and years to come.


Your commitment requires time, attention, and money.


You will need to be on time and fully present during the entire event.

Your commitment starts the moment you sign up

Your investment is €3,750 (excl. VAT) and includes two one-on-one sessions that we'll schedule when you book.


*Hotel, travel, and meals are not included.


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I love what I do, and I love whom I do it with.

I love being with another person in the space of created trust, commitment, and vision. I am constantly amazed at what gets generated when people sit together, speak, and listen from a space of safety. There is nothing quite like creation.

A while ago, my coach said to me, "Rich, you've created a masterpiece of a life on a postage stamp of possibility". And he was right. I was successful, but I rarely acknowledged it. I had enough money but still worried about it. I was always "doing great", at least on the surface. I had attained every goal I set, but I was secretly bored. I was surrounded by others but often felt alone. I was living the life I once dreamed about but wondered, "Is this it?”.


Since that time, I've come to see that most of us are living in only a tiny circle of infinite potential, unaware of what's really possible and too insecure and/or comfortable to look deeper.

It has been my great privilege to personally work with over 5000 extraordinary human beings.
I’ve worked with CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations and not-for-profit corporations. I work with entrepreneurs, attorneys, business leaders, actors, actresses, founders, accountants, artists, and creative and resourceful students.


What are you refusing to accept in your life?

When Rich and I decided to collaborate and co-facilitate these unlimited events, we decided to create ourselves as powerful partners. We decided to refuse to let our need for comfort, approval, and admiration play any role in our life anymore. We decided to show up fully for ourselves, each other and every participant who joins us on this transformative experience. 

We invite you to ask yourself the same question and to join us with an open mind, a willingness to be challenged and to face your blind spots.

The more open and honest you are, the more transformative your immersion experience will be.

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