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Excellence by Default

A healthy and positive culture doesn't just happen by hiring the best people; it's something that is purposefully created and nurtured company-wide.

When we focus on cultivating a culture that values collaboration, communication, and shared goals, something amazing happens: excellence becomes a natural part of how our team operates. It ignites a powerful energy that drives sustained success and creates an extraordinary space where individuals thrive and our collective achievements reach new heights. This is the design of the "The Collaborative Way" a leadership training program I have partnered up with to make a profound difference in service-based companies that strive for excellence. 

Extraordinary leaders
create culture by design. 
Ordinary leaders 
let culture form by default.
From Values on the Wall to Values in Action

In my hospitality career, I worked with some of the best people in the world's most prestigious hotel companies. As a manager, I was equipped with extensive training and developed myself meticulously to provide truly outstanding service. But, when it came to leading my team, something was missing. There was no clear roadmap. While HR Managers proudly stuck posters of the guiding principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity, and commitment on the walls of the employee dining room, I lacked the necessary practices to breathe life into these values and ensure their ongoing presence. 

Although I had received awards for my exceptional service skills and the ease with which I anticipated guest needs, I faced a challenge when it came to communicating effectively with my employees. This gap in my leadership abilities led to a feeling of inadequacy and I compensated by being busy, working hard, putting a smile on my face and avoiding uncomfortable conversations. Slowly but surely, my team began to disengage, trust eroded, and a sense of disconnection settled in. The consequences were tangible - motivation dwindled, productivity suffered, and the quality of service declined, leaving guests less than thrilled.

I got to witness firsthand, what it's like when managers fail to breathe life into the company values. When employees perceive them as empty words or slogans with no real impact, it can lead to disengagement among the staff. Employees who don't see their managers practicing what they preach may lose trust in the leadership and feel disconnected from the organization's core values.

The Power of 'This is How We Work Together'

When leaders embody the core values they promote and establish a clear framework for collaboration, employees not only find meaning in their work but also become active participants in a transformative journey that cultivates trust, engagement, and a shared commitment to excellence.

The moment a team commits to "This is how we work together" a solid foundation for growth and learning gets created. No longer are managers relying on assumptions and expectations. A new standard is set, and it transforms the way people communicate and lead. Work itself became a powerful leadership training program, where everyone learns and thrives together.

Imagine the power of defining a small set of committed practices that shape how we work together and embarking on a collective journey of learning. That's the path to achieving something truly extraordinary, and it's not something that happens by chance.

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