Here’s how my life used to be.

Some days I would wake up feeling super energised, inspired and totally in the flow of life (high state of mind). Other days, I would feel insecure, disconnected and out of focus (low state of mind).

The state of mind I would feel in the morning seemed to be totally random and unrelated to what was generally going on in my life.

Typically, I would carry the feelings I woke up with me into my day. So when I felt insecure in the morning, it would often turn out to be a pretty bad day for me.

Here’s how my life is now.

I still wake up to good days and bad days but I I find myself having way more good days and the bad days just don’t seem to last very long.

So what happened?

I used to believe that the insecure me was the real me, and the confident me was fake. What I know now is that it’s exactly the other way around.

The confident, self assured, inspired, loving me is the only real me. The self bashing, doubting, unfocused, discouraged, insecure me is totally fake.

How do I know this?

Because I have seen it from my own insight. And I know this is not just true for me, but for every human being on the planet. Yes you too. But I’m not asking you to take my word for it. In fact I would rather tell you don’t believe anything I tell you. Instead, be open to seeing this to be true for yourself.

But what exactly did I see?

I used to think that the cause of my insecurity came from difficult relationships, learning difficulties from when I was in school, lack of regular income, past failures, comparing myself to others and basically being human.

That not only really made sense to me. It was my reality and I just couldn’t see it any other way. Until the moment I saw something that changed my life for good. I saw that my insecurity was coming from one thing and one thing only:

My thoughts.

Seeing that all insecurity is just an illusion created by thought is like having an invisible super power that has infinite potential and possibility.

Understanding where my experience of insecurity is actually coming from had profound implications. I could see how I was holding myself back out of fear of being rejected, disliked or hurt by others. I thought I was protecting myself but actually I was just imprisoned by my own conditioning. Knowing that I am 100% responsible for my feelings of insecurity gives me psychological freedom.

Freedom to take bigger risks, to love harder, to forgive sooner, to laugh louder, to fail more and to recover quicker.

Freedom to be the real me.

Whenever I feel insecure, I know that I am not actually insecure. I am just having an experience of feeling insecure. I am being tricked by the illusion of thought.

Sometimes I see it, sometimes I don’t. But I am now aware of the state of mind I am in. And when I am in a low state of mind, I tend to avoid making any important decisions, conversations, emails etc.

When I accept my low state of mind without trying to fix it, change it or have it define me, I naturally find myself recovering back to my natural state of flow. In the same way that our bodies have a self healing immune system, our minds are build for flow, clarity and success.

When I know that no matter how insecure I am feeling, there is nothing to stress about because it is just an innocent misunderstanding, my insecurity just drops away.

By doing so, I create a space for fresh new ideas and thoughts that help me see past my mind’s insecure thinking. These new thoughts show up from within me as I drop out of my thinking and naturally connect with the wisdom within me.

And as I spend more time in this space, I continue to see the layers of thoughts, beliefs and norms fall away one by one and gently wake up to seeing the world with more beauty, possibility and opportunity.

If you can see this simple way to understand and overcome insecurity through your own insight, you will naturally have a more rich, joyful, expansive and fun experience of life.

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