I remember waking up that day and feeling shit scared.

In 2018, while living in Barcelona I wanted to share more of the insights I had seen to a wider audience.

Through a series of coincidences I was invited as a guest on a local radio station and then invited to host my own live show.  This picture was taken on my first day. I had thoughts about screwing up and felt so much tension and panic in my body. I secretly hoped someone would call me to cancel the show. This often happens to me when I step into the unknown and do something for the first time.


Luckily, I remembered something that stopped the stressful feeling take the joy out of my experience.


The fear I feel about something unknown has really nothing to do with the unknown and everything to do with my level of understanding in the moment. And that understanding is what the show is all about.

Get yourself a nice warm drink.


Relax, slow down and listen to hear something new in these insightful conversations.


And if you don't hear anything new,

I hope you enjoyed your nice warm drink ;)