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Maybe you're going through a transition in your life, a divorce, a change in career or business, a big decision that needs to be made?  You want to move through it with grace, ease and lightheartedness? 


If you find yourself nodding your head, you may want to consider spending three days with me in person or online.


A private intensive is a journey designed to help you cut through the mental noise in your head and connect to the stillness of who you really are and what you're inspired to do, be and create in the world. 


Here is what my client Marina had to say and here's a photo I took of her on her last day which she jokingly refers to as her day of Resurrection :


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Coach, Author, Podcast host

“When I came to Switzerland to be with Philippe I was having a really hard time to access the quiet mind. 3 weeks previous my boyfriend had broken it off with me and it was totally unexpected. For the first two weeks I was attempting to make sense of it all - very confused and hurt. I was in so much anxiety that I wasn’t sleeping and couldn’t be with the pain I was in. I knew that I wanted all of this to change which is why I courageously took the step.

When I arrived I felt really heavy and was experiencing a lot of circular thinking. We both realised that I needed to express something to my ex and in doing so I started my journey to freedom.

The time I spent with Philippe was very nourishing on many levels - both the food, the exquisite surroundings and with Philippe’s loving guidance and honesty I was able to process and experience my true self again. 

I had many insights about the relationship, and my own misguided thinking. The one that stands out still is that “suffering is not mandatory.”

As I am writing this testimonial I am realising that it’s a month ago since all of this happened and I am going home as a quieter and lighter version of who I am. The circular thinking has stopped, the anxiety has also gone and I am back in my knowing. If you have a lot on your mind and you want to experience peace, love and gratitude then being held in this incredible Swiss container with Philippe is the answer.”

My first intensive was in the summer of 2017 in Costa Brava, Spain with a Swiss restaurant owner who felt like his work and stress was taking away from the joy of doing the work he loves. His relationships were suffering and he was feeling stuck and frustrated. After 3 days together, he went home with a heart full of lightness and joy knowing exactly what to do. 3 years later I received this message from him:





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