Six Week group Coaching Program

STARTS February 2021


Why is this abundance program like no other?


This program is about understanding that your job is not to create or seek abundance, but to find and dissolve the beliefs of lack and limitation that you have built against it.

And it is based on the principle that:


Abundance is the intelligence behind life that helps you create and receive more than enough.

Let's start by looking at what are the areas where we are creating lack and limitation.

Are any of these 3 statements true for you? 

  1. "I am abundant because I always have enough at the end of the month and all I need is enough".

  2. "I could have more, but that's just my ego being greedy, I am grateful for what I have".

  3. "If my business and income grew, I wouldn't be able to enjoy so much free time in my life and I would get too busy and overwhelmed like I did in the past".


All of these statements looked absolutely true to me.

Yet they are all absolutely false.

And they kept my business and income in stagnation.

The problem was I didn't see I had a problem.

I always had enough, my relationship with my wife was great but my business was not growing. 

I was living with an abundance mindset,  yet I feared not having enough. And I secretly felt envy comparing myself to others in my industry who were making 5 times my income. 

I would notice a knot in my chest seeing my health-conscious wife fill up our shopping basket with organic foods and premium non-toxic cleaning products that cost the double of the "normal" stuff. 


It was painful because I too wanted to consume non-harming, sustainable, organic products but my fear of not having enough took the joy away the moment I saw the price tag. 



It sucked and at times it kept me in busy thinking cycles trying to figure out how to create more income. This kept me in procrastination, killed creativity, kept me stuck and would lead to resentful thoughts towards my wife for not bringing in any money.  


Until I had a deep shift in understanding.

I realised that abundance is not something we create, it is something that is always there. What I created was lack and limitation disguised as wisdom. 

So what happened when I went from from feeling stuck and limited to feeling unleashed and full of possibility?

At first, it was very emotional. I spent a whole morning grieving the loss of an identity (I am lack and limitation) that never existed. I had to process 41 years of unnecessary fears of not having enough.


And when I woke up the next day,

The knot in my chest dissolved.


I have become light-hearted and relaxed around money and feel grateful both when spending it and receiving it. I stopped worrying about running out and finally feel like I'm thriving and can enjoy living in Zurich, one of the world's most expensive cities.  

The income I received in the last 10 days was what I usually make in 2 months. I decided to move to a bigger more expensive apartment to prepare for the best thing yet: Start trying to have a baby.


I'm no longer scared about the "financial burden" of starting our own family. Yay! And my wife and I can now both shop sustainably AND guilt free.


I have a love for life in its fullness and I know if that's possible for me it's possible for you too.   

I've stopped procrastinating and am no longer creating programs that never see the light of day. 

This group coaching program is "to help you wake up to the abundance that you already are".

Let's unpack what we'll be exploring:


  • A person who has woken up to abundance consciously uses the unlimited energy of the universe to create and receive. They are not driven by a need to make more or a fear of not having enough but by a peaceful and grounded knowing that they are unlimited potential. They become light-hearted, stop worrying about money and uncertainty and have a love for life in its fullness.

  • Financial security is not abundance. If you believe your feelings of security comes from your savings or level of income, you have attached your security to something outside of you. Doing this creates lack. When money becomes your source of security you will never be financially free, no matter how much of it you have. You become afraid to take risks and create an invisible limitation that keeps you stuck and unfulfilled. 

  • When we stop taking our fears of not having enough seriously all the energy we save from not worrying actually creates tons of space for new collaborations and creative ideas. Many more opportunities start coming your way and you are free to say no to everything that is not 100% in alignment. That leads to you creating nothing less than opportunities of a lifetime.



6 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions 


Be part of a supportive group full of fun, dynamic and powerful conversations and activities designed to help you get this understanding way beyond the intellect.


Course starts in February 2021

Receive weekly recordings and lifetime access to recorded sessions.

A private Facebook group where we can interact, share our insights and experiences in between calls.

A one to one Coaching Session

60 minute individual coaching session with me to help you "dissolve your knot" and wake up to the abundance that you already are. Includes a recording of your session for download. 


Schedule anytime up to April 30, 2021. 

If you've come this far and still have some hesitations,

let's talk about how normal that is. 


After all, just look around you. How many people do you know that are living in stagnation or have settled to be ok with the limitations they have created? 


Probably a hell of a lot.


Most people are not free to see past the fact that they are

not the limitations of their savings and income.


So most people settle. 

Because it's comfortable.


Most people find it normal to

worry about money.


And you know what?

That's perfectly ok. 

But ok is not thriving.


It's not life-changing nor is it remarkable.


Ok is not the reason you take a risk and leave the comfort you know for the smallest chance that something absolutely miraculous could happen.  

If you are ok with ok.

That's perfectly ok

But if you feel your heart wants to know what does

waking up to abundance really mean?


Here's one way to find out.


CHF 600

EUR 555     GBP 500    USD 660

Join us and become part of a small intimate group of only 6 

people who don't want to settle for an ok life and know there is so much more mystery and magic to explore.

"After one session with Philippe, I had a huge insight in just how much I was living in lack. And that started to change my life completely and my attitude towards my finances. I saw how the difference between lack and abundance is so small, yet seeing this is making such a big difference in my life."



Will I learn how to make money?

Yes and no. 

No. This program will not teach you any technical money making skills and strategies.

Yes. when you start living from abundance and allow ideas to freely flow through you and let them guide you.


Holy cow! You are now in a game of life that's rigged in your favour. 

The way synchronicity can show up to help you. The way way the right people can arrive like like angels just when you need them, the way money can appear, as if by magic, to fund a big idea, well you might just get struck by awe.

Don't we have to work hard to create money?

It's not that you won't have to work hard and put in thousand of hours to master that thing you feel called to do or bring forth. It's just that what you are creating will feel so easy and you won't believe you've made so much effort pushing against brick walls when all that was needed was to stop pushing and see a new path where fun and play replaces push and the only thing you want to push is the "it's too easy" button! 

What if I can't attend all the weekly sessions?

All sessions are recorded so you can download and watch them anytime.  You will also have the opportunity to submit your questions ahead of time so we can address them during the session that week.